QCheckers, formely known as KCheckers, is a is a Qt version of the classic boardgame "checkers" ("draughts").

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What is my IP address?

Run ifconfig and loop for the eth0/ppp0/ippp0 entry. The second line starts with “inet addr”. That’s your IP address!

How to create a themes?

There are two places you can put your own theme directories: $SHARE/themes or $HOME/.qcheckers/themes. $SHARE is /usr/local/qcheckers on default. simply create a directory there that contains the following files:

    tile1.png		- unused tiles.
    tile2.png		- where men are placed.
    frame.png		- around selected man.
    manblack.png	-
    manwhite.png	-
    kingblack.png	-
    kingwhite.png	-
    theme		- the first line should be the default/english name
			- of the theme. This will be used if the correct locale
			- name should not be found.
			- Locale specific names can be provided with the
			- following syntax: [locale]=Theme Name.
			- Example theme file:
			- Line 1) This is a default theme name
			- Line 2) [de_DE]=Das ist Deutsch
			- Line 2) [en]=This is English

Directory name will be shown as theme name. All pictures are the same size.

My theme is not loaded. Why?

Start qcheckers in a x-terminal. Watch out for errors otherwise send me your compressed theme directory.


Because draught is a fast (compared to chess) game there are less situations one will save a game. Nevertheless, this is possible in qcheckers.

Now, imagine you want to see how a match on the last WCM was played. You simply open the PDN file, select the game you are interested in from the list and click move after a move and watch how the men on the board are moved.

If you want to continue a game at certain position, no problem, click on the “Continue” button in toolbar. But consider who is next on turn, what kind of game (against computer or human) you are playing.