QCheckers, formely known as KCheckers, is a is a Qt version of the classic boardgame "checkers" ("draughts").

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QCheckers - formerly known as KCheckers

Qt-based checkers boardgame

This is the homepage of QCheckers, the Qt version of the classic boardgame “checkers”. This game is also known as “draughts”. QCheckers is distributed under the GNU GPL.

QCheckers can play english draughts and russian draughts.

Some additional information can be found in the FAQ file.


Old news can be found at http://kcheckers.org/ (no longer available).


Please refer to GitHub Releases for last builds.

See Downloads for older versions. QCheckers up to version 0.6 requires the threaded version of Qt 3.0 library. From 0.6 you can download a corresponding GPG signature file to verify file’s integrity.



Current git master with “Simple 3D” theme:

3D-like SVG theme

Current git master with “Simple SVG” theme:

Simple SVG theme

Older screenshots:

QCheckers 0.8

KCheckers in KDE

KCheckers on Qtopia

Future plans

Rules of Play